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Russian banya

“Washed as if newly born”, - folk wisdom says.

Among the variety of choices that Moscow saunas have on offer, it is rather difficult to find a true Russian wood-fired banya, the kind of banya which has been burned for half a day, just like it was in times of old, with no electric heaters. And yet, when choosing a sauna or a Russian banya, you should always bear in mind your preferences of steam in a steam room, as in a Finnish sauna it is dry, while in a Russian banya it is damp.

Russian banya is considered to be one of the most ancient. It appeared almost at the same time with the origination of the Slavic people. Our ancestors believed from the earliest times in the healing and cleaning powers of the banya.

The banya has always been considered as the best way to overcome malady and evil eye. Nowadays Russian banyas enjoy great popularity with people all over the world, and the useful properties of the banya are universally recognized. If you are a true admirer of the Russian steam or you want to make a good impression on your friends and business partners, celebrate a birthday, have a corporate party or simply relax, we suggest visiting our veritable Russian banya!

Nabat Palace and Spa Hotel offers you Russian banya, a steam room, a 15-meter long swimming pool with hydromassage and a waterfall. The royal rooms and the parlour of our hotel with Russian billiards will give you the feeling of comfort and warmth.


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