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Turkish bath hammam

Turkish bath hammam is a bright phenomenon of Oriental culture, the meaning of which goes far beyond hygienic and health-improving procedures. It goes back to the times of the fall of the Roman Empire. That’s when the Turks adopted from the Ancient Romans the principle of therm, having created on its basis a true masterpiece. Today hammam is gaining more and more popularity all over the world – and that’s the reason for it: the mild microclimate of a steam room, unusual procedures, which you will not find anywhere in the world. An original method of steaming makes hammam the greatest creation, giving you health and good mood. Thanks to low temperature the procedures will be good both for children and old people, and also for those, who can stand neither heat nor high temperature.



The Nabat Palace Hotel invites anybody who wants to get acquainted with a real Turkish bath. We will unlock the great mysteries and secrets of hammam for you to give you much pleasure, beauty and high spirits! The main distinctive feature of Turkish bath hammam is humidity of 100% in a steam room at a quite low air temperature. It is lower than in a traditional Russian banya.  Such conditions make hammam a more convenient option for many of those, who do not wish to go to a usual steam room with harsh environment because of any medical reasons or extreme heat. The conditions in the hammam are more comfortable, and the benefit of «Turkish steam» is no less than a usual banya.


Turkish hammam has a mild and relaxing effect, it relieves stress and normalizes the work of oil glands. Steam has a healthy effect on all body systems, it purifies skin, improves blood circulation and digestion, fastens metabolism, fortifies the immune system, guarantees the prevention of a number of illnesses. Besides, it is simply pleasant, comfortable and aesthetic. Hammam will be good to the lovers of Oriental entourage and relaxation with profit to your health.

And here you enter the very heart of Turkish bath, harar – in the clouds of aromatic steam you sit for a while until your muscles and joints get warm. And then you find yourself in the most pleasant phase – a true energetic Turkish massage. You lie on the flat marble stone, which is called “chebek-tashi” (from Turkish it is translated as “the stone of a stomach”) and then the bath attendant works wonders! Looking from side the massage is not at all like an ordinary massage. The techniques are so exotic that you will surely be ecstatic about them! After such an intense massage your muscles and joints will become flexible again. It will make you feel like new and give you incredible relaxation for the rest of the day! It is then followed by a scrub massage – the bath attendant rubs your body with an exfoliating bath glove to make your skin amazingly smooth and young. The next step – a soapy massage: gentle touches of hot air-foam give ineffable joy, and cool water refreshes your body.  


Finish off your bath procedures with swimming in the pool. It is right at this moment, immerging in the cool thickness of water, you feel all the pleasures of Turkish bath Hammam. Your body is like floating in the air and all your worries and concerns disappear in a moment.

After the “welcoming arms” of the steam room it is so pleasant to settle in the restroom, have a cup of tea, try original dishes of Oriental cuisine from our chef in the restaurant, order a hookah and also play a game of Russian billiards. Leaving the hammam, you will feel reborn, full of energy, cheerfulness and good spirits that will not leave you during the day. And the Turkish bath of the Nabat Palace hotel is always ready to open its doors to bring joy to you over and over again!


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