38 Ovrazhnaya street, Voevodino Village,
Domodedovo district, Moscow region
Tel. +7(495)720-21-21
Fax. +7(495)797-58-85
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The Nabat Palace is a unique hotel located in the region of Domodedovo, because it is right here that you can enjoy truly natural rock types, while getting body massages given by our professional specialists. Fresh air, a unique atmosphere and spa treatment will help you to forget about all that has ever bothered you.



  • The main feature of the wellness spa centre in Nabat Palace is its original decor. Ionization and air recirculation, natural stone, the sound of water creates the atmosphere of a grotto cave.
  • The guests will be amazed with our Russian soft wood burning banya, and smell the nice fragrance without any artificial flavours, which is spread inside the room. Through the transparent door of the wood rack you can watch the bath attendant work.
  • Granite and natural stone hamam will take you back to the times of the Ottoman Empire and give you the feeling of staying within the walls of a palace, and it’s all thanks to an exclusive decoration and lighting.
  • Our massage therapists will help you to relieve stress after flights and hectic days. Our hammam is facilitated with comfortable massage tables of premium quality.
  • There is a 15-meter long heated indoor swimming pool with contraflow for you to refresh yourself after the banya session.
  • While your family or friends are enjoying the facilities of our wellness centre, you can play Russian billiards on the English cloth within the walls of natural bamboo. 

Spa programmes for 1 or 2 persons
with 70% discount

“Paradise for two” – a massage 1 hour and a half – 3,290 rubles instead of 8,883 rubles 

  • Turkish bath Hammam
  • A relaxing massage
  • A head massage
  • Heated swimming pool
  • Body scrubbing
  • A refreshing shower
  • A tea ceremony (herbal, black, fruit and green tea)


“A cellulite attack” – for one person – 1 hour and twenty minutes – 3,550 rubles instead of 9,585 rubles

  • Vaporization in the Turkish bath Hammam
  • An anticellulite peeling of the whole body
  • A lymph drainage massage for problematic zones
  • A body wrap (honey, pineapple, seaweed) for problematic zones
  • Taking a shower
  • Applying the cream “Finish”
  • A tea ceremony

“An office escape” – for 1 person, 1 hour and a half – 2,390 rubles instead of 6,460 rubles

  • Turkish bath Hammam
  • A scrubbing of the whole body
  • A refreshing shower
  • A swimming pool
  • A Thai oil-massage
  • A head massage
  • A tea ceremony (herbal, black, fruit and green tea)

“A bridal shower/ a stag party for two” – 2 hours and 20 minutes – 3,540 rubles instead of 9,560 rubles

  • Turkish bath Hammam
  • A swimming pool with hydro-massage
  • A massage at choice (revitalizing, oil-massage, relax, traditional, foot massage)
  • A Turkish peeling
  • A body wrap at choice (coffee, chocolate, honey, pineapple)
  • Taking a shower
  • A tea ceremony or a hookah

“A way to perfection ” for one person:  1 hour and forty minutes – 2,790 rubles instead of 7,560 rubles

  • Vaporization in the Turkish bath Hammam
  • Creole massage of the whole body with bamboo sticks
  • Coffee peeling
  • A chocolate body wrap
  • Taking a shower
  • Body nutrition with chocolate mousse
  • A tea ceremony